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    Racism, sexism,   homophobia, xenophobia, ableism. What do they all have in common? They rely on a false narrative that there is only one way to be valuable. We say fuck that. We say celebrate yourself and tell your stories in all their glorious diversity, and, if you’ve got a platform, use it to amplify more voices that go unheard. For March, we’re taking our inspiration from Janet Mock, who we highlighted in our Year of the Nasty Woman planner. As a journalist, memoirist, television personality, and advocate, Mock has repeatedly affirmed the importance of simply making space for people to share their unique stories, and she has been courageous in telling her own, even its most painful moments.

    In the wake of Trump’s rescission of nondiscriminatory protections for trans students, Mock stepped forward yet again to pen her story and advocate for others in The New York Times. And though Mock’s platform is massive, you don’t have to be a media maven to see the important effects of storytelling. Though it’s a few years old, this article in Psychology Today by Sherry Hamby is great at breaking down the relationship between storytelling and resilience. It can sometimes feel like common sense, but with the present administration’s demonstrated commitment to devaluing difference and silencing dissent, we’re not taking anything for granted.

    Whether you’re a passionate defender of trans rights, immigration policy, or health-care access, we need your voice. Now’s a super important time to contact your senators regarding the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch that begin March 20. As Dahlia Lithwick and Neil S. Siegel detail in this article for Slate on what Democrats can do to stop Gorsuch, so many important issues hinge on who is on the bench. If you haven’t yet made a call, People for the American Way shows you how in this blog post. There’s another important way to make yourself heard this month. On March 8, women everywhere are raising their voices together for A Day Without a Woman. Learn how you can join in.

    And if you need more inspiration, March is Women’s History Month, and this website has some incredible audio and video clips to check out. Next month, we’ll be introducing a new theme, new products, and new free resources to share. Say it loud. Stay strong. Stay nasty.