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    Nasty Woman is a hilarious and timely social party game that harnesses the power of politics and pop culture to allow women to say what they really think. Through a series of prompts and actions, the game gets you and your crew laughing and talking about the issues of today. And because it’s based on your improvised responses, you set the tone—comedic, serious, or downright irreverent.

    In Nasty Woman, each player can be funny, strategic, and creative, while learning, venting, and plotting with friends. Don’t know a name on a card? Ask. Feeling angry as hell? We won’t judge. Got a plan to save the world? Girl, we need you! Each card looks amazing, too. There are beautiful illustrations and an all-over design, and each deck comes in a nested box you’ll love to show off.

    To win, you’ll need to outwit your fellow players with your comedic timing, with your sleuthing abilities, and by not getting trumped.